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The Wanneroo Rugby club would like to congratulate Brad Campbell for being named as part of the Perth Spirit Squad for the 2016 National Rugby Championship season.
A physically imposing, yet athletic player, Brad has been rewarded for his impressive and consistent performances this season by being included in the 35 man squad.

The Perth Spirit will kick-off their 2016 Buildcorp NRC campaign against the Melbourne Rising on Saturday, 27 August at McGillivray Oval.

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Force sign NRL star Curtis Rona

Western Force have snared Canterbury Buldogs try-scoring sensation and former Wanneroo Rugby Junior player Curtis Rona, bringing the NRL star home to Perth and a return to rugby union for two seasons.
Rona asked for an early release from his Bulldogs contract after talks with Wallabies coach Michael Cheika on Sunday and following weeks of negotiations with the Force and the Australian Rugby Union, as revealed in the West Australian two months ago. For more information, go to: buy Keppra cheap without prescription