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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of Samuel (Sam) John McCullough.  Sam was a son to former club President Cam McCullough and his wife Julie. He played as a junior for the club and for the 4th Grade a few years ago.

A Funeral Service to Celebrate the Life of the late Samuel (Sam) John McCullough of Kingsley will be conducted in the East Crematorium Chapel of PINNAROO Valley Memorial Park Cemetery, Whitfords Ave, at 11.30 am on FRIDAY (05.05.2017)


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See below for Seniors Fixtures and First Grade kick off time.

For all other team kick off times, buy Keppra using paypal

Round 1 
Wanneroo v Perth Bayswater
25 Mar 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 2
Wanneroo v Kalamunda
1 Apr 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 3
Palmyra v Wanneroo
8 Apr 17 3:30PM at Tompkins Pk 1

Round 4 
Wanneroo v Joondalup
22 Apr 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 5
Wests Scarborough v Wanneroo
29 Apr 17 3:30PM at Bennett Pk 1

Round 6
Wanneroo v Associates
6 May 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 7
Cottesloe v Wanneroo
13 May 17 3:30PM at Harvey Fld 1

Round 8
UWA v Wanneroo
20 May 17 3:30PM at McGillivray Ov 1

Round 9
Wanneroo v Nedlands
27 May 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 10
Perth Bayswater v Wanneroo
10 Jun 17 3:30PM at Pat O’Hara Res 1

Round 11
Kalamunda v Wanneroo
17 Jun 17 3:30PM at Hartfield Pk 1

Round 12
Wanneroo v Palmyra
24 Jun 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 13
Joondalup v Wanneroo
1 Jul 17 3:30PM at HBF Arena 1

Round 14
Wanneroo v Wests Scarborough
8 Jul 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 15
Associates v Wanneroo
15 Jul 17 3:30PM at Allen Park 1

Round 16
Wanneroo v Cottesloe
22 Jul 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 17
Wanneroo v UWA
29 Jul 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 18
Nedlands v Wanneroo
5 Aug 17 3:30PM at Foreshore 1