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Alcohol. Think Again. Kingsway 7s

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RugbyWA are launching a brand-new Alcohol.Think Again 7s Spring Series in 2017 with a three part series to run following the conclusion of the 2017 Senior XV’s season from late September through to the end of October!

The 2017 Alcohol. Think Again 7s Spring Series will be the perfect way for RugbyWA Metro and Regional Clubs to engage in the fast, exciting and social sport that is Rugby 7s, with a range of playing divisions including Men’s First Division, Women’s, Colts and Social.

The Men’s, Women’s and Colts Divisions will cater for competitive teams from both Pindan Premiership and Pindan Championship clubs and provide a pathway for players aspiring to represent the Road Safety Western Force (WA) 7s teams.

Teams will be awarded competition points following each Alcohol. Think Again Spring 7s event, the team in each division with the most points after the three-event series will be crowned State 7s Champions.

The Social Division will be the ideal way for recreational players to get involved in the fun, exciting and friendly dynamic of 7s rugby in the brilliant festival atmosphere 7s has become famous for.


September 30, 2017
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Wanneroo Rugby Club
100 kingsway, madeley western australia 6065 Australia
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