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See below for Seniors Fixtures and First Grade kick off time.

For all other team kick off times, order Keppra online

Round 1 
Wanneroo v Perth Bayswater
25 Mar 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 2
Wanneroo v Kalamunda
1 Apr 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 3
Palmyra v Wanneroo
8 Apr 17 3:30PM at Tompkins Pk 1

Round 4 
Wanneroo v Joondalup
22 Apr 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 5
Wests Scarborough v Wanneroo
29 Apr 17 3:30PM at Bennett Pk 1

Round 6
Wanneroo v Associates
6 May 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 7
Cottesloe v Wanneroo
13 May 17 3:30PM at Harvey Fld 1

Round 8
UWA v Wanneroo
20 May 17 3:30PM at McGillivray Ov 1

Round 9
Wanneroo v Nedlands
27 May 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 10
Perth Bayswater v Wanneroo
10 Jun 17 3:30PM at Pat O’Hara Res 1

Round 11
Kalamunda v Wanneroo
17 Jun 17 3:30PM at Hartfield Pk 1

Round 12
Wanneroo v Palmyra
24 Jun 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 13
Joondalup v Wanneroo
1 Jul 17 3:30PM at HBF Arena 1

Round 14
Wanneroo v Wests Scarborough
8 Jul 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 15
Associates v Wanneroo
15 Jul 17 3:30PM at Allen Park 1

Round 16
Wanneroo v Cottesloe
22 Jul 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 17
Wanneroo v UWA
29 Jul 17 3:30PM at Kingsway Res 1

Round 18
Nedlands v Wanneroo
5 Aug 17 3:30PM at Foreshore 1

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Registrations are now open for the 2017 Seniors rugby season.

Register buy Keppra cheap without prescription for Senior Men’s Rugby ($350 for full season. Early bird price of $320 if paid by first round on 25 March 2017; FIFO $200)

Register can you buy Keppra over the counter in dubai for Colts (U20s) Rugby ($140)  The club is searching for a sponsor for the Colts side. If you are interested, please call Sylvo on 0451 127 729.

Register buy Keppra using paypal for Divas (Womens) Rugby ($280 for full season. Early bird price of $250 if paid by 25 March 2017)

Register buy Keppra in bulk for Social Membership ($50 includes club polo shirt)

For registration queries, email sylvo@bradfordretaining.com.au or registrarwanneroo@gmail.com

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The seniors season will be underway on Saturday April 2, 2016 with our first game at home at Kingsway Sporting Complex against Perth Bayswater.

Come on down and support the Roodogs to get them off to a flying start for season 2016.

Game times:
U20s 12.20pm (time amended 30/3/16)
3rd Grade 12.30pm (time amended 30/3/16)
4th Grade 1.50pm
Reserve Grade 1.50pm
Premier Grade 3.20pm (time amended 30/3/16)

(Women’s comp starts the following week)

Players are still welcome for all grades.

Please call:
2nd and 1st grade: Tim Larkan on: 0403 779 357
3rd and 4th grade: Josh Yoder on: 0478 707 845
Women (Divas): Hekxy Te Maipi on: 0448 090 385
Club Captain Kyle Seear (Bones) for any query at all on 0400 436 999

OR Come to training on Tuesday or Thursday at 6.30pm.

You can register on line or at the club this Thursday night at training.

Fees are:
Seniors: $350
U20s (Colts): SPONSORED by MASS RECRUITMENT (no charge to players)
Women: $280
FIFO: $180